Did you know that you can support TMA at no cost to you!

Please remember to select TMA as your school of choice when making purchases on Amazon.  Log onto www.smile.amazon.com and log into your Amazon account.  Then select Tustin Memorial Academy PTO as your charitable organization.  


Each time you make a purchase while logged into AmazonSmile, TMA gets 0.5% back! 

Cards for Cash



1. Go to www.Ralphs.com

2. Click "Sign In/Register"

3. Click New Customer "Sign-up today!"(RIGHT)

4. Enter store zip code; "Find"

5. "Select" your store

6. Enter e-mail /password; "Next"

7. Enter Rewards card #

8. Enter personal info.; "Next"

9. Agree terms; "Complete


(Ralph's will send you an email)

STEP 2: must do to enroll TMA!

1. Open Ralph's e-mail

2. Click link inside e-mail

3. Click here to login

4. Enter password;"Sign In"

5. Click "edit Community

Contributions prog" (bottom)

6. Find Org: Type "Tustin Memorial Academy"

7. Select TMA: 81256

8. Click "Save changes"

Don't know your card #?

Call 1-800-660-9003, Enter 5

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