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Outdoor Learning Lab

The TMA garden is a living, growing outdoor classroom. Each class visits the garden with parent volunteers for hands-on lessons in various areas such as horticulture, earth science, ecology, and more. Students grow and harvest seasonal produce and learn about the connection between what they eat and where it comes from. Experiences in the garden give them a better understanding of how the natural world sustains us and promotes nutritional and environmental consciousness.

Library Books

TMA Library Books

A day or two before your class visits the garden, meet with Mrs. Sample and ask her to find a garden book you can borrow to show the students while you are in the garden.

Card Activities


  • Six Components for a Seed to Grow

  • Life Cycle of a Seed (see examples in Overview)

  • Stages of Growth (broccoli, carrot, and potato; see examples in Overview)

  • Garden Pests and Garden Friends

  • Garden Jeopardy Game


Find the Fruit Trees


Read Signs about the Plants


Scavenger Hunts

  • Hand out a laminated card to each student.  Instruct them to use the washable markers (also in the file) to write their answers directly on the card.  After your session is completed, clean the answers off with a paper towel lightly damp with water.  Please clean the cards before returning them to their specific file in the file cabinet. 

etc. (to hang around the garden)

(to post in the ground)

Websites and more Facts

Apple Facts

Prepare an “apple tasting”

Harvest of the Month


Choose My Plate




California Apples


Pick Your Own Apples


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