There are no limits to the number of Account Administrators your organization can have.  


Please Note:  You MUST be an Account Owner to grant Access Control to Admins.  However, you cannot revoke/grant access to yourself.  Another Account Owner will have to to do this for you.  If you are the only Account Owner, add the new Account Owner first, then have them go in and revoke your access.


Before you can add a person to your list of Account Administrators, the person needs to be a contact in your Membership Toolkit database.  Once they have an account, an Account Owner can set them up as an Account Admin and choose what level of access they will have. 


1.  From the Dashboard, click Admin in the top right hand corner and choose Access Control.

2.  Enter their email address in the box that says Add User, then click the Add User button.

3.  Select which levels of access they can have.


Directory Configuration

We know it is important to control who has access to your directory. We have several ways for administrators to control who is able to view the directory. Parents always have control over what information is included in the directory and they can make updates at any time.


All contacts must be logged in to see the directory. 


Limiting who has access to the directory:

  • Restrict access to only contacts that have membership status.
  • Require that all contacts must be approved by an administrator before they can have access to the directory.




To update who can access your directory - go to Dashboard > People > Configuration > Directory.  If you have any questions about what is the best way to setup the Directory Configuration, please reach out to our Help Desk and log a ticket.


Only admins that have Account Owner status will be able to edit the configuration options.



Email communication is important! We make it easy! No more lists in excel or reply all emails! 



Do you regularly need to send emails to Committee Chairman? Room Parents? If so, let us know, and we will add  custom fields for you. Use these custom fields to create groups within your database. By capturing this information, you can easily communicate with any section of parents

  • No limit to the number of custom fields you can create.
  • You choose who sees these fields. Present the information to users or have it set so only your administrators will see it.



Don't you hate it when people volunteer, then forget to show up? When you set up a volunteer form, you can set up automated reminders (ticklers) to remind your volunteers what they signed up to do.



The newsletter tool is useful for sending formatted newsletters by emails to any group in your database. 

  • Archive past newsletters and have them readily available on a website page.
  • Create Newsletter Subscription Lists
  • Parents can unsubscribe and control their subscription lists




Make your website a communications hub by activating and using Message Boards. You control who can send messages, who receives messages, and who can comment.


One example of how you might use Message Boards:

Create a Message Board for each classroom. Parents with a student in that classroom will be automatically added to the Message Board and you can restrict access to only those parents. Create the Message Board so that only the designated Room Parent and Teacher are able to post and send messages. Messages can be posted without having admin access and parents will receive an email that includes the message. 






PTO Calendar 2023-2024

(Updated 03/04/2024)

School Holidays/Break Schedule

9/4 - Labor Day

11/10 - Veterans Day

11/20 - 11/24 - Fall Holiday

12/22 - 1/5 - Winter Holiday

1/15 - MLK Holiday

2/12 - Lincoln Holiday

2/19 - Presidents Day

3/18 - 3/22 - Spring Break

3/25 - Non Student Day

5/27 - Memorial Day


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