The mission of the TMA Garden

The mission of the TMA Garden Project is to provide a living outdoor classroom where students can apply math, science and nutrition skills learned in traditional classes to improve subject matter understanding. The project includes several different programs that are managed by 15 parent volunteers.

Garden Volunteer


Help cultivate TMA and your child life.

No experience needed! We've streamlined our curriculum to make it accessible for the blackest of thumbs. If you can make a hole in the soil with your finger, you can grow food in our nature center! All the training and resources are provided for a fun exploration of nutrition and the environment.


As a Garden Volunteer, you will accompany your student's class to the garden for about 1 hour a month, roughly 8 times a year.  Have fun learning along with your kids. 



Educational Tools & Resources Overview

These tools and resources are…

  • learning activities you can use, when you are in the garden with your class

  • designed to encourage students to participate

  • most suited for the Planter and Explorer groups, because of time constraints


Visit Docs

Garden Volunteer Guide

Additonal resources of Garden Volunteer Guides and instructions.

Check out our new greenhouse curriculum for classes planting directly in the ground.


Wish List

Donations Greatly


1. Garden volunteers

2. Grape vine trellis

3. Cedar fence post near California Native Garden

4. BPA free garden hose

5. Quikrite all purpose gravel 3/4" 50lb bags. (We need 5 bags and they're $3.55/bag)

6. Classroom teacher garden signs

7. Check out our Amazon Wishlist below and help us earn money to TMA PTO


Farmers Market

Nutritious snack items that students can purchase

The TMA's Farmers Market, part of the TMA Garden Program, is an after-school event. Held once a month on Tuesdays in the Star Terrace, the sale provides nutritious snack items that students can purchase for $.50 to $1.00 or a Green Buck (worth $.50) they earn during monthly class garden visits.

Our Garden Volunteers and Farmers Market teams work hard to make snacks and harvest produce for a tasty way to teach farm-to-table and healthy eating concepts.

If you would like to participate by preparing an item for the next Produce Sale, click on the button to register on our page.

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Garden Visits Begin in September

Garden Work Days 


12/12 9am-12pm

Please email Garden at

for a time slot!

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Preparing for 2019-2020
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