The Talent Show is a 75-minute program showcasing 35 group and individual acts of students who have invested time and effort into their talent performance. The Talent Show Committee encourages prepared and committed performing artists to audition for the show!

Students: Thank you for your interest in the Talent Show! Please know that turning in the Permission Slip does not mean you will be in the show. To be in the Talent Show, you must first try-out, be approved by the Talent Show Committee/school and commit to all dates and rules of the show. It is important for students to practice and prepare in order to audition and perform in the talent show!

Parents: This event is run by parent volunteers - parents/families of all participating students are expected to volunteer for some aspect of the Talent Show. Parents/guardians may not attend tryouts or perform on or off stage with their students. If you have any questions, please contact the Talent Show Committee at

Talent Show Committee: The goal of the volunteer Talent Show committee is to showcase the varied and wonderful talent at TMA and to ensure that participating students have a great experience. The committee will communicate with parents regularly via email.

AUDITIONS take place during lunch periods in the MPR. Students, please bring your lunch and report immediately to the MPR at the beginning of the lunch period. (For those buying lunch, see the office for a front of lunch line pass).


  1. Acts must be 90 seconds or less.

  2. All participants must be current TMA students.

  3. Students may audition for one act only, whether group or individual.

  4. Students must attend all tryouts, rehearsals and performances. Unexcused “no shows” will be disqualified from participating in the talent show.

  5. All acts must be ready for tryouts on the assigned dates. Acts that are not prepared will not be accepted. Please notify us by email immediately if your student has a mandatory school event.

  6. Singing acts: Absolutely no lip syncing. Please find a karaoke version of the song.

  7. No duplicate songs. The first completed and approved act is assigned a song. We encourage you to submit permission slips and cut music early!

  8. Parents, guardians, siblings, classmates and non-TMA student choreographers will not be allowed in the tryouts and rehearsals. (Exception: If the committee feels the need to have one parent to supervise for any reason, we will contact you).

  9. Scripts and lyrics for songs must be appropriate for TMA students and approved by the committee.

  10. Only appropriate costumes will be approved by the committee (you may email a photo of the costume prior to the dress rehearsal for early consideration).

  11. Students must follow TMA rules of being respectful, responsible and building relationships at ALL times. Student performers are expected to wait quietly for their turn to perform, sometimes for up to 90 minutes.

  12. Students who violate Talent Show rules or TMA's student policies will be referred to the principal and may be removed from the show.

  13. Parents agree to read Talent Show emails in their entirety and provide information requested by the Talent Show committee.

  14. Students may not participate in Talent Show rehearsals and performances if they have not attended school that day.

Student acts that perform to recorded music (such as singing, dancing, etc.) will need to submit their music prior to auditions.

Please support your student’s performance by providing us with a high quality recording of their music. MUSIC MUST BE: Cut to 90 SECONDS or less and in MP3 FORMAT (required by our venue). FOR CDs - ATTACH THE CD TO THE PERMISSION SLIP & MARK WITH STUDENT NAME AS WELL AS ACT NAME FOR MUSIC FILES VIA EMAIL – PLEASE SUBMIT WITH THE PERMISSION SLIP.

The Talent Show is a 75-minute program showcasing 35 group and individual acts of students who have invested time and effort into their talent performance.


None Planned for 2021

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